LOOKING BACK: Zac Begins His Journey In Episode #19, 1 on 1: With The Boss!

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By Paul Maslany | June 17th, 2017

This was the week our co-hosts Zac and Errol started something new, the sort of thing that shows why Zac Ruiz and his company, Salt IO are effective and modern, not afraid to explore things most people are too proud or afraid to explore, and in the interest of not just self-improvement, but improving his company as well.  

When a leader honestly takes stock of himself, he is holding himself personally responsible and is using that responsibility to better himself so he can foster a better environment for his employees, co-workers, clients, contractors, and even potential and existing investors.

Every boss wants to be a great leader.  Even when a boss is already doing a great job they should seek to self-assess and improve. They should practice self-criticism, so they can pinpoint their own shortfalls and improve their performance, thus improving their team or employees performance, and environment, as well.  You don’t become a good leader by chance, and must build towards it.  Vince Lombardi, a famous football coach, said it best:

Vince Lombardi, 1913-1970, NFL Hall of Fame, 2x Super Bowl Champion, Green Bay Packers Head Coach

Vince Lombardi, 1913-1970, NFL Hall of Fame, 2x Super Bowl Champion, Green Bay Packers Head Coach

As long as he or she seeks to improve themselves, to make an honest effort, then there will always be room to grow. When a leader stops making that effort, when they think that they were born to lead, or assume they’ve already perfected the craft, that’s when their team will cease to grow or find success.

Maybe you already have a good boss, or even a great one.  Every boss, everyone in general, should evaluate themselves and try to improve. We are all human, we all make mistakes, and we all can do a better job if we just commit ourselves.

That’s the journey our host Zac embarked on with leadership coach and expert, as well as his Co-Host on Leadership in Tech, Errol Doebler.

Zacs’ team anonymously evaluated him with surveys and phone interviews, and in Episode #19 you hear Zac and Errol break down and begin Zacs’ mission of self-assessment and growth.  

Make sure if you haven’t heard it yet, you check out Episode #19 of Leadership in Tech, “1 On 1: With The Boss”.  

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