SPOTLIGHT: Our 25th Episode

By Paul Maslany | June 8th, 2017

We’ve had our struggles, trying to figure out how the equipment works, as well as the production programs we use. It wasn’t as difficult as I had expected for us to get our team in sync and figure things out, and our listeners were patient and understanding, which is why they’re the best listeners there are!

While we've had our hiccups with the quality from the equipment configuration, or trouble with skype on our remote episodes, we still managed to get some really important messages and themes out there as well as have some very good conversations on the air.

Part of that success can be contributed to our fantastic guests we've had! From our first guest Jen Lew, charismatic marketing/design guru and entrepreneur featured in the episode "Find Your Why", as well as Mark Billows, James Costa, David Amerland,  and Ray Plante, to name a few.  

While we are marking our 25th episode this week, we are hoping that we continue to grow our listener base and bring in amazing guests, not just for 25 more episodes, or 225 more, but as many as we could hope to ever make in a career!

Here's to free podcasts. 

Here's to free media.

And here's to all the big, big, bosses!