Looking Back: The First Season Of Leadership In Tech

Looking Back: The First Season Of Leadership In Tech

Today we're looking back at our first season on the air, and how far we've come.

Today we're looking back at our first season on the air, and how far we've come.

By Paul Maslany | September 6th, 2017


When it first came together, I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about the idea. I actually was still a little upset about the death of the first podcast, Small Data. I was merely an assistant on that podcast, and I just started learning how that type of podcast came together. I would mostly do the transcribing of the dialogue from all the interviews, then send it over to the producer who could use that to make a storyboard for each episode and plan it out.  

No matter how little or prolonged of a task I had to do in the beginning, I still loved being part of the team, and producing interesting ‘story’ episodes about the intersection of data and humanity. I was even interviewed as part of an episode we were working on that never released (an interview that I promise will one day be released!).

The Leadership in Tech podcast was going to be different though, I was told. It would still be a tech podcast, just this time we have a partner, another co-host: Errol Doebler, owner of Leader193. He was a former Navy SEAL and FBI SWAT Operator.  He was bringing the leadership element in while Zac and I would bring the tech, and production, elements from Salt.io. This time I had more responsibilities and it wasn’t long before I was in love with this podcast even more than the first one. I was also surprised how quickly it gained popularity, having had more listens than I was expecting for the first season.

The guests, while obviously not famous or celebrities, were actually very interesting and had enough of their own following, or material, to plug on our show, that we kept it alive and moving, growing even. Season 2 hopes to see the return of a lot of our original guests from season 1, and  more new guests than last season.

The best part about the first season was I felt as though I had to learn the ropes on the fly, with each episode apparently having some new technical difficulty, or other type of problem to overcome altogether.  We either weren’t plugging everything in the right way, or uploading things correctly, files weren’t converting right at one point, you name it we had it. All new podcasts go through this stuff, it’s only natural.  That’s a good thing though, in all honesty.  I feel like the whole project, and the timing of its components, came together perfectly, and all of our followers were able to see (or hear) us grow and were able to grow with us.  

The Tech OnRamp itself as a company was growing with the podcast, and then the newsletter launched into the mix as well. It was turning into a neat little package, and things were starting to ramp up considerably, which is why I was caught off guard when we seemingly suddenly suspended the show and went on vacation. It wasn’t long until we were extending that break, and then inevitably just making it be the end of the first season. Now that we’ve been preparing for Season 2 we can step back and look at Season 1 as a whole, and I feel like maybe we ended it just in time.  

Season 1 was a sort of pilot season. We were going to do this podcast and see how well it worked out. Will people like it? Will we be able to get new guests regularly? Will there be enough content, and topics, to keep it going indefinitely? The answer to those, and many other questions, we found to be YES! So why was it time to end the first season, you ask?

Well, now we had a good system for the project (the company, the website, the newsletter, and the podcast). We really figured out what we were doing, and not only that, but we were getting good at it and starting to build a loyal following too.

Before we got any bigger or gained any more momentum, I think strategically it was the best time to step back, take a breath, and regroup. Take a look at what we’ve done, what we want to do, and plan more of it ahead of time. Reach out to guests earlier, set up the format that listeners liked the best, and keep the newsletter running in-sync with the podcast episodes.

I’m excited for this season, because now we can really rock ‘n’ roll and make some waves. We have our mission, we have our weapons, we have our strategy, now all we have to do is deploy.  This season is going to be our best yet, and it’s going to show why The Leadership in Tech Podcast and The Tech OnRamp is the best way to get on today’s highway of current information, tech knowledge, and leadership experience.  

See you all on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play Music, Player.FM, or whatever platform or app you use to listen to us!  


Jennifer Doebler