PREVIEW: Season 2 of Leadership in Tech Podcast Series

PREVIEW: Season 2 of Leadership in Tech Podcast Series

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By Paul Maslany | September 5th, 2017


The first season of The Leadership In Tech Podcast Series came to a bit of an abrupt end.  The last episode was produced and published on July 14th, 2017. Although there was no announcement at the time, or any reference to the season ending, fans kept listening as we first took a week long break, then 2 weeks, then finally indefinitely. I’m sure at some point, our regular listeners wondered if that was it for us? Just when things were starting to get good too! It wouldn’t be the first time a popular podcast tanked.

However, the Leadership in Tech Podcast Series is not an independent entity, it’s part of a larger program called The Technology OnRamp, as many of you already know.  When considering the state, and future, of the show, you have to take the whole project into account.

We have been in the exhaustive process of preparing to convert The Tech OnRamp to a non-profit.  The final decision by the company co-owners (also Leadership in Tech’s main co-hosts; Zachary Ruiz and Errol Doebler) was made upon the fact that they felt it was the best course of action to actually help people who are interested in working in tech. More people could make their way into the Tech industry without needing to go into debt for attending college and earning a degree that, depending on the major, is more than likely to give you a less than 50% chance at finding stable, long-term career with that degree. That is if you can find a job at all! There are many college graduates working menial, minimum wage jobs for a living.

Cue The Tech OnRamp. A 10 week course with the curriculum, the coaches and trainers, and the resources to not only teach you how to work in tech, or succeed in tech, but how to LEAD in tech. Zac Ruiz, owner of and co-owner of The Tech OnRamp, is our coding and technologies master, while Errol Doebler, owner of Leader 193, and formerly a Navy SEAL as well as FBI SWAT Operator, is our leadership master and self-development guru.

Our second season release date has yet to be determined, but it will pick up where the first season left off but with a whole new format.  We are planning further ahead this time, inviting more prominent guests, planning to show the leadership program Zac has continued since the last episode, and much much more.

With a fresh new look and sound here at The Technology OnRamp we’re very much looking forward to Season 2 and have been preparing and researching for it almost non-stop.  In the meantime we will continue to post new content on the website, articles, blogs, show updates, updates on the non-profit status as it develops, as well as our quest in searching for, applying for, and obtaining a federal, state, local, or even private grant. Hey, whatever gets us going and completing our mission and furthering our cause to help people better themselves and their career!  

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on your inbox, as we will be sending out another newsletter when we’re ready to announce the release date for Season 2 of The Leadership In Tech Podcast Series!

In the meantime, enjoy this blast from the past with our first ever guest back on 'Episode #12: Find Your Why With Jen Lew!'



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