Leadership in Tech Episode 28: Interview with David Amerland

In Episode 28, our second episode of Season 2, Zac and Errol are joined by special returning guest, renowned author, analyst, and speaker David Amerland. David is the author of soon-to-be released book The Sniper Mind: Eliminate Fear, Deal with Uncertainty, and Make Better Decisions. Zac, Errol, and David also dive in to the recent controversy surrounding The Google Memo and the impact on leadership in technology.

To learn more about what David has been up to lately, you can check him out on Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Don't forget to pre-order up your copy of The Sniper Mind, set for release on November.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 28: Interview with David Amerland Outline

1:45: Welcome David Amerland as our Episode 2 special guest!

2:45: David's introduction: Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. We live in funny times, we are at a time in history where we question everything......how do we become individually accountable for our actions? 

8:42: Concept of brain's ability to change. Neuroplasticity means no hard wiring. We can do anything we want provided we are willing to pay the price.  

13:15: Complexity of technology problems is moving faster than our ability to mesh as teams creating a significant problem set. 

15:00: David's inspiration for writing The Sniper Mind.

19:00: What is the role of leadership in the kind of environment in which individuals act for the sake of the collective? Today's best leaders are essentially enablers.

28:15: Zac was extremely permissive many years ago: Just go do something. And it created chaos in the results. Therefore after you give permission to do something you need to give a bit more guidance to keep everyone working towards the same vision. 

29:20: Navy SEALs inherently think outside of the box, but outside of those wild ideas comes detailed and strict processes.

33:05: Google Memo is a fascinating lens with which to look at Leadership in Technology.

43:30: Role of CEO's is changing.

47:25: One of most difficult things we face in 21st century: how we humanize businesses.