Leadership in Tech Episode 31: You Fired Your Top Tech Talent: Happy or Hopeless?

In our fifth episode of Season 2, Zac and Errol are back to talk about issues that plague technology teams every single day. They reviewed two articles: the first, an article titled: "We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made." published on Medium's Free Code Camp. The second article is a written response to the first, titled: "You Fired Your Top Talent, I Hope You're Happy." This week you will hear Errol and Zac weigh issues like the difference between taking pride in your work and getting overly emotionally evolved, as well as a breakdown of positive and negative qualities that are rewarded on software development teams depending on culture.

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Season 2 Episode 31 Outline:

2:25: Explanation of Fictional character "Rick" the hero software developer.

9:20: Zac is on Rick's side. Errol is on both sides of this particular issue.

9:55: Software developers tend to get emotionally attached to the projects they work on. If left unchecked, an emotional attachment to something may cause you to act in ways you regret.

10:30: Zac's perspective on the leadership angle, especially as it relates to the "superstar coder."

19:35: Errol: there's a difference between taking pride and getting emotionally

22:20: FBI example.

25:40: Positive and negative qualities that are rewarded on software development teams depending on culture.

26:25: What are the lessons here? Take pride but don't get emotional. Life balance is key. Tim Ferris:  Never put all your eggs in one basket.

29:00: Beginning with a detailed planning process will help avoid some of these pitfalls.

33:00: Takeaways: leadership needs to be involved early and heavy, planning is crucial, emotion needs to be monitored, and life balance is hugely important.