Season 2 Episode 27: Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Season 2 of Leadership in Technology Podcast! Zac and Errol are thrilled to return for Season 2, and we hope you are as well! With their return, we have an exciting announcement to share... be sure to listen in to hear what it is!

In this episode, you'll hear an update about what Zac and Errol have been up to since Season 1 wrapped in June. You'll also get to hear their vision for Season 2. The technology industry has been fraught with leadership failures, seemingly one after another; situations like The Google Memo, or Uber. Silicon Valley has grown at a fast and furious pace, and there is a clear need for focus on leadership in technology to catch up with all of the advancement.

With the release of Season 2, we are also proud to announce improvements to our production of Leadership in Technology Podcast. This year, each episode will include a time-stamped outline in the show notes, to enable listeners to go back and find or reference content easily. We are also launching our own YouTube channel, and will showcase our episodes there as well in the coming weeks. Keep any eye out, because you just might get to catch a glimpse of Zac and Errol recording with video from time to time! 

As always, don't forget to check us out on social (links can always be found at the top right hand corner of our webpage), and if you're interested in learning more about our hosts, you can find Zac at Salt, and Errol at Leader 193!

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Season 2, Episode 27 Outline:

2:36: Recap of Season 1

3:05: Zac provides an update on Salt since Season 1 in June. 

7:02: Errol provides an update on Leader 193 since Season 1 in June. You can find more information about Errol's new blog here: Reflections on Leadership. And don't forget to check out Future Leaders, an online publication edited by Errol as well! Errol has embarked on The Wim Hof Method, and he is a believer.

10:35: Announcement: The Technology OnRamp, LLC is becoming a non-profit! Our mission is to provide a pathway into the technology sector for motivated individuals who aspire to succeed in knowledge work through a combination of apprentice style technical training and leadership development.

14:20: Zac and Errol review some major leadership issues within several tech giants that have been seen in the news recently. Season 2 will include their analysis of these issues for listeners.

17:15: Errol and Zac's goal for Season 2: When the basic concepts of leadership are missing from any team or organization, failures happen.

20:14: Every company is a tech company today.