Leadership in Tech Episode 32: Even Tiger Woods Has a Coach!

In our sixth episode of Season 2, Errol and Zac review Zac's progress in 1 on 1 leadership coaching with Errol. Zac explains some of his hesitations early on in the process, especially showing the vulnerability to submit to the coaching process. In the end, Zac came to the understanding that the changes he needed to make to become a better leader were small, but the result of making those changes had a huge impact on himself and his business.

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Season 2 Episode 32 Outline:

6:45: Regarding the leadership coaching process, Zac admits he is the worst at following process. It borderline offends him. However, it is working.

8:10: For Zac, the challenge was admitting to himself and his team that he both wanted and needed leadership training. that step was profound. 

9:05: "Even tiger woods has a coach." New employees going through new hire training all the time. That is no different then coaching. 

12:05: Every day is practice. All interactions are practice. Actions don't define who you are, which is stress relieving. Zac has a hyper awareness of everything he is doing.

13:50: Zac used to say "Plans are for people who expect to fail." But not anymore!

23:40: For Zac, one of the most impactful transformations he made was subtle changes to conversations before during and after projects. Trying to follow a small script now that starts with: talking about outcomes and expectations, defining very clearly with what expectations should be,  and the step Zac always missed was discussing whether the person had the capabilities to execute. That is an assumption Zac no longer makes. 

26:05: Everyone should be treated differently.  

26:50: Idea that measures were set up front is a form of accountability. Zac says this is the
opposite of what he expected: Zac expected Errol was going to teach him how to stare at someone until they get scared and then they won't do that again. Some sort of navy seal trick. It has nothing to do w/ the end of the project it has everything to do w/ the beginning. 

28:45: According to Errol, it doesn't just stick forever. You can get it, but everyone slips!

35:00: Zac updates progress of the business as a result of incorporating leadership principles in his business.