Leadership in Tech Episode 35: Interview with Steve Acho

In episode 35, Zac and Errol are joined by technology staffing executive, author, and musician Steve Acho.  Steve manages a staffing technology company, Soltice Consulting Group, and a technology staffing product, Shortro, a tool designed to make the hiring process easy and effective by targeting candidates with the most applicable accomplishments and most relevant credentials. Steve evangelizes the use of technology to be more human, and helping "change the conversation" in the market, so that organizations can find better fits, and job-seekers and find more meaningful work.

To learn more about Steve, check out his blog, "Here is what I learned." You can also find him Facebook and LinkedIn.  Steve is the author of "Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What to Do About It" and "The Least You Need to Know About Doing Business with the Japanese."

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Outline of Episode 35:

5:00: 80/20 rule. What is the 20% that matters the most? Pareto Principle.

6:10: What critical piece that really matters about a candidate is typically not found on a 7-9 page resume? Is this person capable of and motivated to do a particular job?

7:00: Story of a woman who makes a roast for her family.

8:48: Problems with job descriptions. 1) They are boring! 2) They don't describe jobs, the describe people.

11:11: How can a candidate decide if they are qualified for a particular position without a good description of what that position entails? Example of a caterer, they are evaluated based upon outcome, not based upon years of experience using convection ovens, spatula's and mixing bowls.

14:24: Parking lot metrics.

19:40: Importance of soft skills.

20:00: Solution = tactical advice. Write compelling job descriptions.

23:57: Imagine 60-90 days forward when you are conducting the first performance appraisal. That should be your job description.

27:30: Smaller tech companies are very aware of branding and the candidate experience today. They do a great job of describing why a person may want to work for their organization.

32:18: Shortro - if the problem is we think more is better, than the solution is we create some type of a gate that qualifies people who are actually capable, motivated, and interested.

37:40: Strategy isn't collect a thousand resumes and then weed out the week, the strategy is to identify the strong. The weak are happy to weed out themselves. 

53:49: Shortro stands for shortcut to an intro - description of Shortro technology

1:00:00: Shortro has a 9/10 take rate when the process is followed. 

1:12:30: Steve Acho's footprint.