Leadership in Tech Episode 39: 5 Questions To End 2017

To end 2017, Zac and Errol used a unique approach for our New Years Special. They ask each other five questions as they explore the year in review and find out which parts of 2017 stood out for each of them. Listen in to our 39th Episode and find out what is on our hosts minds, as they ask each other “5 Questions To End 2017."

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Episode 39 Outline:

00:09: As we were mapping this out, Zac came up with the idea that we were gonna ask five questions, and I was like okay. What are the questions going to be? I don’t know, we’re just going to figure it out. So I hit record, and here we are.

02:16: Zac: What were you most grateful for in 2017?

04:05: Errol: What was your best moment Christmas morning?

05:21: Zac: Tell me one personal thing you would like to change in 2018 from 2017?

09:37: Errol: Your biggest influencer from 2017, who was it or what was it?

12:40: Zac: Who is one of your leadership sort of idols, or people that you look up to for the work that they’re doing in your field?

15:57: Errol: Best episode so far this year?

21:27: Zac: What is one thing that you have learned about technology folks... ...and how leadership applies to that specific industry?

25:16: Errol: I know you said that you are not putting goals out for 2018, but there has to be something that you’re looking forward to, that we could be sitting here next year and you say this was a pretty good year because?

27:45: Zac: I’ll read you the quote and you tell me what you think about it. It’s from Jack Cornfield and it's “In the end, only three things matter. How much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.”

Errol Doebler