Leadership in Tech Episode 36: Civil - Decentralized Journalism

In our tenth episode of season 2, Zac and Errol are excited to share their conversation with Matthew Iles, CEO and Founder of Civil. Matthew and his team believe decentralization is the key to a free and independent press. And they are using blockchain technology to achieve it. Civil believes the certainty and transparency of blockchain technology can offer a radical new way forward for the journalism industry with open governance and cryptoeconomics. Our discussion today showcases a new way that we view and consume media, and focuses on the erosion of leadership in journalism, and what technologies can provide a better model. It's hard to find a more relevant topic in today's world. 

To learn more about Civil and their mission, check out their website here. You can also find Civil on Medium, Twitter, and an open slack channel here. Matthew Iles can be found on LinkedIn here and Twitter here

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Outline of Episode 36:

3:35: Matthew introduces himself. Civil fundamentally believes the current (& last 20 years) of the internet/social media/growth is much more in favor for a clicks for cash business model that does not align with the true goals and values of journalism. Therefore a radically new business model with values of journalism in mind is in order to course correct and restore/revitalize a core pillar of democracy around the world. 

5:40: Blockchain is receiving a lot of attention right now for good reason, and has the potential to revolutionize anything that is connected and deals in data. 

11:10: How did we get here? What is the scope of the problem in journalism? 

15:10: How do we decentralize? 

18:00: GOAL is 30 newsrooms comprising 200 journalists to be signed onto the platform up and running with content by platform launch which is early 2018.

26:20: How do journalists get paid?

46:00: Civil is turning entire operation of journalism into a global cooperative.

53:00: Who and how will someone try to disrupt this?