Leadership in Tech Episode 37: Interview with Paul Singh

Errol and Zac are excited for episode 37, an interview with Paul Singh. Paul is the founder of Results Junkies, whose mission is to grow start ups and small businesses, everywhere else. Paul is a dad, an entrepreneur, a speaker, and an investor who recently traveled the United States with the goal of meeting as many entrepreneurs as possible, and understanding what it is like to build companies in smaller markets. Paul believes that tech entrepreneurship is everywhere, you don't have to travel or relocate to the Silicon Valley or major markets to find success, and every company is a technology company today. 

To learn more about Paul and Results Junkies, check out their website here. You can also find Paul on Twitter, Angel List, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram

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Outline of Episode 37:

2:25: Paul invests in high growth companies all over word. 2100 companies in portfolios across 50 countries. At the end of 2015 Paul wanted to bring his family along, and wanted to understand entrepreneurship in smaller areas (2-3 stops away from major airline hubs) so he built an air stream travel trailer. left Washington, DC in March of 2016 with the goal to live in one new city every week and meet as many entrepreneurs as possible. Paul wants to understand what it's like to build companies in smaller markets. He has lived in 93 cities in 18 months. 

7:05 What unknown city's in north america have a vibrant tech life, and what is it like there? 

7:25: Paul's superhero power

7:50: We need to rethink what a tech company is and what tech entrepreneurship is.

8:58: The word entrepreneur - in english is a noun. But in many other languages on the planet that word is a verb. 

10:00: Tech entrepreneurship is everywhere. Stop looking at silicon valley, NY and Boston, b/c no one really starts there. 

10:30: One of the things Paul has learned driving around: you and I are the luckiest people that have ever lived. 

12:45: We're betting our lives personally and professionally now on the rise of everywhere else. 

13:40: Every company is a technology company today. The next 5 years are the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs.  

15:30: Paul challenges everyone in the tech industry to stop using the word "tech." 

17:00: While school is important, mostly because it teaches you how to think, a 4 year degree is not necessary to work in the tech industry. 85% of what you need to succeed is already online.

18:25: The cool thing about the internet today.

27:20: Leadership in Technology and introverts. How do you become a good public speaker as an introvert? It all comes down to preparation. 

35:24: Leadership is a trailing indicator of a person's ability to execute.

37:40: How does an entrepreneur get Paul Singh's attention?

43:15: If Paul could go back in time and give himself 2 things: 1) always put yourself in the other persons shoes. 2) start to build and audience

53:00: Are the robots going to take all the jobs? The robots are to jobs today what the internet was to jobs 25 years ago. The robots are not taking all the jobs away, the robots are taking away all the jobs that are not thinking like an entrepreneur.

1:01: Where can listeners find Paul? Resultsjunkies.com or paul@resultsjunkies.com