Leadership in Tech Episode 10: Crushing Expectations

Crushing expectations - stemming from professional goals, family life, or personal dreams - are real, and have the ability to impact all of us deeply. But it all comes down to goal setting: have you identified "the why" of each of your goals? What is the pain associated with not achieving your goal? If you find yourself buried under crushing expectations you may want to ask yourself: why am I doing this? Is this what I really want? If you have a goal that is truly important to you, one in which the pain of failure in unacceptable, then the expectations won't be crushing they'll be motivating.

Check out Getting out of the startup ratrace for more information on the article authored by Josh Pigford referenced in this episode.

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Hosted By: Errol Doebler, Zac Ruiz

Produced By: Paul Maslany, KARA WOOD

Music: Big Big Boss by Nicolas Falcon