Leadership in Tech Episode 11: The Challenges Facing Remote Teams - Part 2

Zac and Errol continue their discussion of the challenges facing remote teams today, especially surrounding effective communication. Clear, concise, and unemotional communication is paramount to any successful team, especially those that work remotely. Sensitivities based on miscommunication, or misinterpretation, can wreak havoc on even the most highly skilled professionals. In Episode 11, Errol introduces the concept of adopting "Procedure Words," or "Pro-words" - a way to succinctly communicate in order to remove water cooler talk from operational talk at work and ensure that your teams communications aren't wrought with emotion and sensitivities.

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Hosted By: Errol Doebler, Zac Ruiz

Produced By: Paul Maslany, KARA WOOD

Music: Big Big Boss by Nicolas Falcon