Leadership in Tech Episode 12: Find Your Why with Jen Lew

Zac and Errol are excited to share the first guest feature episode of the Leadership in Technology Podcast. Jen Lew, founder of North Fork Web Marketing and Design is a charismatic, driven, and energetic business woman whose ability to adapt to new challenges is a quality we should all strive to attain. In this episode, you'll hear Zac, Errol, and Jen explore the topic of change in business and in life, and the importance of finding your why. Jen explains that understanding her why has put her in a position to accomplish her goals throughout her life, and not to fear uncertainty: if you understand your why, you will always find your how.

Check out Jen Lew, and her company North Fork Web Marketing & Design at jenlew.com! Jen can also be found on social media: Twitter- @jenlew Instagram- @jenlew LinkedIn:- Jenlewmarketing.

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Hosted By: Errol Doebler, Zac Ruiz

Produced By: Paul Maslany, KARA WOOD

Guest Feature: Jen Lew, founder of North Fork Web Marketing & Design

Music: Big Big Boss by Nicolas Falcon