Leadership in Tech Episode 17: Gratitude with Mark Billows

Mark Billows, creator extraordinaire, joins Errol and Zac this week for episode 17. Mark, who works as a freelance creative director, dives into the topic of leadership and shares poignant thoughts on the topic as it relates to advertising, technology, or virtually any other field. According to Mark, the default operating system of leadership should be gratitude. Leaders today need to change their perspective from mere expectations to an understanding and appreciation of both effort and attention.

Find out more about Mark Billows and sample his creativity here: cargocollective.com/billows. Mark can also be found on social media: LinkedIn- Mark Billows and Facebook- Mark Billows.

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Hosted By: Errol Doebler, Zac Ruiz

Produced By: Paul Maslany, Kara Wood

Guest Feature: Mark Billows, Freelance Creative Director, cargocollective.com/billows

Music: Big Big Boss by Nicolas Falcon