Season 2 of Leadership In Tech Coming Soon!

Photo: Nick Presniakov

Photo: Nick Presniakov

Due to scheduling complications during the summer break, the previously announced ending to Season 1 has been cancelled.

Fans of The Leadership In Tech Podcast Series don't have to worry though! We're currently revamping the series and making it better for our fans by lining up better guests, changing the format, exploring new topics, and basically just preparing to launch a new season.

The launch date for Season 2 is TBD so check back frequently for announcements and updates!

In the meantime, we will be sending out a special edition email newsletter to our newsletter recipients.

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It has articles about our first season, and some previews of the next one, as well as featuring each host's favorite episode from Season 1 (Errol, Zac, and Paul), and more!


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