Leadership in Tech Episode 41: Interview With Andy Davis

In our 41st episode, season 2, we interview Andy Davis from across the pond. Andy is from London, England, and is the head of marketing at Venturi Group. He also hosts their podcast, Venturi's Voice.  Andy also has a history working with startups, and its through that experience he was able to find his success at Venturi Group and launch their new podcast.

Listen in to find out more about Andy and his background while Zac and Errol interview him, asking him about everything from culture to leadership. Andy helps show the state that the industry is in, and how he has seen different changes occuring not just in the industry but the culture itself.

To learn more about Andy Davis, visit him on LinkedIn  or check out his company, Venturi Group. You can find their podcast Venturi's Voice on iTunes and SoundCloud

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Episode 41 Outline:

02:25: Main Segment Begins- Errol Doebler, Zac Ruiz, & Andy Davis (Venturi’s Voice Podcast, Venturi Group)

03:59: Andy introduces himself, and gives a summary of his background in growth and startups. Talks about his introduction into the field with a start-up that was trying to create a new market, and continues with his progression with different start-ups and the learning curve involved.

08:44: Zac asks Andy what was his biggest surprise when he first went into Venturi (the first traditional company he worked for, after working with startups for a while)? Before deciding he wanted to change things what was he surprised by most? Sales guys… How hard they work, and how difficult they make things for themselves sometimes, and being in a sales-driven environment which was opposite to what he was used to in startups.

12:47: Errol asks Andy how the sales people responded to his initiatives, since they didn’t have to change anything that they were doing and it helped them do their jobs? Andy’s answer explains the misconception of the sentiment that the sales people weren’t doing their jobs. He says they were doing their jobs, just the way they were taught. There was just a cultural aspect to it that needed to change, from when Andy brought in the new things that weren’t there when they were trained originally.

14:38: Zac asks how long did it take to change the culture at Venturi into accepting his new initiatives and ideas?

17:57: Errol talks about the idea of ‘Silos’, departments not speaking with each other. Lack of interdepartmental communication, basically. Errol asks Andy if he ran into any of that with the medium or large sized companies like he has while doing his leadership consulting.

28:09: Zac asks Andy: When you look at your future work, how far ahead do you look?

29:55: Zac asks him if he feels he has an advantage from his past, and he can dispel the myth that it’s not sexy to work at a larger company?  Talk about how it’s cool to take those skills and work for a big company.

35:20: Errol brings up ‘Disruptive Leadership’.

44:52: Errol wants to talk brass tacks, and switches gears to talk about what it’s like out there. Are there really more jobs than people qualified for them?

46:53: Errol asks Andy if he has seen a trend with hiring going away from requiring the big degrees, and leaning more towards the soft skills, and seeing work that shows they are qualified.

49:49: Where can we find you online? Where can we find your podcast?