Leadership in Tech Episode 42: Interview With Daniel Sieberg

Daniel Sieberg is from Civil, the same company as Matthew Iles, another guest we had on recently (Episode 36: Civil- Decentralized Journalism).

Daniel has a long career in which he has been on TV, mostly while with CNN but occasionally as a Google spokesperson as well. While at CNN, he got his start on television while working simultaneously in the dot com department.  He was there for the rise of the internet, as well as the fall of the twin towers during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Zac and Errol interview Daniel to find out how he got his start at CNN, as well as his thoughts on the Google Memo now that he is no longer employed by Google. He discusses his personal thoughts on balance, and our tech obsessed culture, as well as meeting a challenge from Zac to describe his current work project at Civil without using the word 'blockchain' once.

To learn more about Civil and their mission, check out their website here. You can also find Civil on MediumTwitter, and an open slack channel here. Daniel can be found on LinkedIn here and Twitter here

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Episode 42 Outline:

02:24: Interview with Daniel Sieberg begins.

09:54: Daniel talks about how he got started on TV and being a human guinea pig for himself with taking career risks. He also talks about working on the dot com side at CNN during his TV time.

11:50: Daniel talks about being at CNN during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

16:10: The myth of multitasking.

19:42: He orients towards seeking balance, and discusses it as a challenge or task that never could end.

21:07: Tells a funny story about leaving employees who leave email away messages that are ridiculously hilarious (Teaser from intro as well).

23:52: Workers at company like Google or Apple are on the vanguard of the new discussion of tech addiction, and balancing out how long you spend on devices or programs.

25:18: Errol asks Daniel his thoughts on the infamous “Google Memo”.

31:22: Zac challenges Daniel to describe his current project, and upcoming work, without using the word ‘blockchain’ at all!

38:52:  Interview ends, outro begins.

Errol Doebler