Leadership In Tech Podcast Episode 43: Interview With Bryan Peters

Bryan Peters started off with Mechanical Engineering wanting to change the world, to make a lasting effect on it. He first started working in the passenger rail industry, doing what he called "the Ghostbusters" work of the train world: coming in to fix problems, make things work, and ultimately save the day.  

Now Bryan is part of a blockchain project with Ethereum that's in stealth mode, and all we know is that it'll affect the way people interact with each other. Bryan promised to come back after the app goes public, and to talk to us more about it!

Bryan says that Ethereum, his company, is hiring like gangbusters.  He encourages anyone who's interested to "take the red pill, and come join the Ethereum blockchain movement!"

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Episode 43 Outline:

2:00: Start of main episode, Bryan Peters.

6:06: Zac ask Bryan for his insider opinion on what's going on with the Hyperloop.

8:30:  What does decentralized leadership mean to you?

11:24: Bryan covers problems that happen with companies growing too large, mainly 1) scaling, and 2) rapid-hiring.

17:48: How does Bryan think of accountability now on a small team, compared to previously when he was on a team that was scaling rapidly.

22:33: Where does Bryan see process as a dirty word? 

24:41: Zac talks about how people, without a psychological safe zone, can't properly evaluate their failures. Errols adds that its similar to how people become married to their ideas. Bryan shares his thoughts on this.

28:45: What do you do when a leader needs to step up, in a situation where someone is required to take control of a situation and make something happen?

33:07: Tech people have a tendency towards introversion, and struggle with discussions and meetings. How do you combat than in your leadership roles, and everything you've done?

37:02: How do you guys address the incentive side to sort of really keep the playing field motivating for everyone?

45:45: As a mechanical engineer by trade, what was the transition like from that field into the field you're in now?

Errol Doebler