Leadership In Tech Episode 59: What's Your Culture?

What is your culture? How does your personal culture affect others? How often are they forced into your culture? Do you transfer your personal culture to work? You’d be surprised at the answers to these, and more.

Listen in as Zac and Errol discuss cultures, their definition, what it means to change the culture, and more!

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Episode #59 Outline:

03:17: Zac and Errol kick off the episode by discussing the (then) upcoming fight with McGregor and Khabib. They also discuss how you can’t achieve your maximum cardio performance just with cycling  alone, you have to run as well to condition it to its full potential.

06:28: The show starts with the definition of ‘culture’ and a discussion of the recent popularity of the word, about how the phrase ‘change the culture’ has been used at a high rate in the past few years. Errol highlights the topics they’re already discussed so far this season from the accountability funnel, to emotions, and how these things tie into your different personal cultures, and how the question “what is your culture” is ridiculous on its face. They break down what culture REALLY means, and how to use that information to your advantage as a leader.

10:43 How does your personal culture translate to your team? How do you use that to help you lead, and project it on your team. Should you be transferring the values from your personal culture onto your team?  How do personal cultures on teams with unique cultures or identities develop? (e.g. Navy SEALs).

To what level do you make your team’s culture a reflection of your own? Should you incorporate any part of other people’s cultures into the team culture?

20:39: Zac talks about two kinds of companies in tech that care about culture, and why. One is startups, and the other is legacy companies. How do these companies compare to each other, and can they change their culture?

29:13: Errol tells us what comes next in the accountability funnel, and what we can expect in the week to come!