Leadership In Tech Episode 62: Are You A Good 'Culture Fit'?

The guys discuss a topic they saw in an article online on Medium about employers using the term Culture Fit as a codeword for sexism, or basically any non-legitimate reason to not hire someone. Hear how it relates to their own experience with workplace culture and hiring practices from Zac’s tech experience to Errol’s description of SEAL culture.

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Episode #62 Outline:

06:41: Start of main episode. What is culture? Errol defines it and what it means for leadership development.  They also discuss what they consider ‘Culture Fit’ is really just a codeword or excuse to not hire someone for a different reason.  Zac also discusses how companies he’s been with have approached culture issues and culture change.

17:58: Zac compares the cultures he described from companies he’s worked to the Navy SEALs, and Errol explains how the culture there worked differently for sure.  They discuss how turning away someone for not being a culture fit doesn’t make sense without actually seeing how they function, it’s not something you can derive from an interview normally.

26:47: Errol defines what a healthy leadership culture of accountability is to him.

31:26: The guys discuss how small companies with amazing cultures that become billion dollar companies lose their good culture, using the ability to change and adapt as a way to survive.  They discusses examples of companies that couldn’t change (Sears) and ones that did (Target, Amazon).