Leadership In Tech Episode 65: Comparing Cultures, Pt. 2

Our last episode before Thanksgiving, “Comparing Cultures, Pt. 2”, Errol talks more about his time in the FBI. From discussions on the culture, and not the people, being a cause of some of the issues, to more stories about different leaders and ways of handling yourself in the FBI’s culture of ‘no’. Sit back and enjoy one of the best episodes this season as Errol provides valuable insight into his time, and the culture, of one of the most famous, and effective, law enforcement agencies in the world.

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Episode #65 Outline:

(runtime 32 minutes 55 seconds)

02:34: Errol starts off the episode with a direct comparison of how both cultures react to new, or any, ideas.  The SEALs are about getting things done, finding the best route or method, action is the default, always saying YES!  The FBI and everyone in it seems to always say no first.

09:15: Zac brings up the point of how a culture of yes or no can have profound effects on your employees and their morale.  Errol talks about agents who would have been top agents but the culture frustrated them into inaction.

14:13: Errol says that ego and envy have a lot to do with why the FBI culture was a culture of no.  He also gives love and shoutouts to people from the FBI and the FBI Swat Team that he says were some of the greatest people on earth, as well as some of the greatest leaders he’s ever had.

19:57: Errol discusses his time on the Terrorism Task Force and a guy he worked under there, and how the approval process worked and how a good leader could make things happen even in a culture like the FBI.

26:14: The final message is that you should work through your frustrations. You don’t know what your culture and guidelines are until they’re tested.  In the last office he was in Errol dealt with false accusations, bad attitudes, and although everything was settled in the end he still left the FBI after that, showing you can work through certain obstacles but there are times where you need to stand up for what you believe, and who you are.