Leadership In Tech Episode 68: Interview With Douglas Laux (Part 2 of 2)

This is the second of two episodes where Zac and Errol interview a very special guest, Douglas Laux. Doug is a former CIA case officer, joins Zac and Errol to discuss his book and his time in the CIA, JSOC, even when he worked with DHL the trucking/logistics company. They talk about stories from his NY Times Best Selling book “Left of Boom: How A Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda” and they compare them to time that Errol spent overseas as well.

We hope you enjoy this in-depth discussion about culture and experiences from the world’s most premiere spy agency, the CIA, through the lens of a real life former case officer.

To find out more about Douglas, check him out on Wikipedia and IMDb.

Purchase his NY Times best selling book: Left of Boom: How A Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda”

This is Episode #68, Season 3, “Interview With Douglas Laux (Part 2 of 2)”.

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Episode #68 Outline:

(runtime 58 minutes 22 seconds)

02:46: Errol also asks Douglas about a story from his book in which he arrives in Afghanistan as a new case officer with the CIA and proceeds to use the base interpreter as an invaluable resource.

18:02: Errol relates his own story of when he went to Afghanistan as an FBI agent and also used interpreters as a resource when on ops.  They discuss the different local people in areas where our military deploys that they’ve encountered or dealt with, from the self-entitled rude ones to those who are heros in their own right, and what happens to them after their service or job is over.

23:21: Zac asks Doug and Errol if they think it’s better to train soldiers, like SEALs, to be case officers vs. training case officers with weapons and tactics.

34:06:  Errol brings up vulnerability and Doug discusses his chapter in his book about his downward spiral into drugs and alcohol for months after his injury, and all the blowback and negative reviews he received for being vulnerable, but how much better he feels now that he has nothing to hide.

44:24:  Errol and Doug discuss their transitions to civilian life and ‘I can’t talk about it’ heroes.