Leadership In Tech Episode 66: Wrapping Up Culture

Today Zac and Errol finish the book, or section, on Culture. Culture is only the 2nd part of the Accountability Funnel. They discuss ways that culture affects the workplace and productivity and health of a company, and how personal cultures and workplace cultures intersect. Tune in to hear them go through what content has been covered in the last few episodes related to culture, and tee off what comes next.

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Episode #66 Outline:

(runtime 32 minutes 53 seconds)

03:09 Errol tells a story about selling copiers in the Pentagon, when he worked as a salesman in between the SEALs and the FBI.

09:21 The guys kick off the main content.  What have we learned so far about culture? What is the difference in cultures with the FBI and the Navy SEALs?  The difference between cultures that are not life-and-death, and the ones that are, make a huge difference in how people take their jobs seriously.

15:17: Errol and Zac touch on personal culture, and empathy in your culture, and how that directly relates to the workplace culture. They also discuss being self-aware, asking yourself how you actively display the virtues you say describe your culture.

24:52: Segway to what do you do if you find yourself in one of those awful cultures. How do you measure up your personal culture in an awful work, or any, culture?  The guys go through all the excuses people make to themselves and for themselves when their personal culture and/or work culture is inconsistent or negative in some way.

28:49: Teaser from Intro! Always the same excuses in tech and people don’t even realize they have a personal culture…

32:53 Zac talks about when he realized that just expecting people to lead and for things to be done a certain way but not expecting to be responsible for helping cause that in any way wasn’t responsible and it’s when he started realizing that taking a role leading is necessary, and this might be how to change a negative culture with your personal positive culture, by leading and causing change there yourself.  Even someone who’s 22 years old could step up and lead if they were ready.

36:36: Errol ends the book, or section, on ‘Culture’ and tees up the next book, which is ‘Guidelines’.