Leadership In Tech Episode 45: Finding Your Why with Jen Lew (The Re-Release of Ep. 12 from Season 1)

This week we wanted to reiterate important messages that were discussed with the charismatic guest star Jen Lew, our first guest ever, way back in Episode 12 of Season 1.

Zac, Errol, and I think it’s important to remember where you came from, and the building blocks you started with. It’s as important as ever with how hectic today’s world is that we remember our Why?

So, instead of our normal programming, we have re-mastered the 12th episode of Season 1, and we are proud to present it to you as our 45th installment in the Leadership In Tech Podcast Series: Finding Your Why with Jen Lew, The Remastered Re-Release of Episode 12!

Tune in to see us explore the importance of Finding Your Why with Jen Lew, Founder of North Fork Marketing & Design. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did, it is definitely one of our Top 5 favorite episodes so far!

Check out Jen Lew, and her company North Fork Web Marketing & Design at jenlew.com!

Jen can also be found on social media: Twitter- @jenlew Instagram- @jenlew LinkedIn:- Jenlewmarketing.

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