Leadership In Tech Episode 49: Process, Pace, and Prioritization: An Interview with Marcus Blankenship

Welcome back listeners!  This is the 49th episode of the Leadership in Tech Podcast Series! One more episode and we’re at #50!

This week we interview another like mind: Marcus Blankenship! A self described ‘Technical Leadership Consultant and Trainer’ who is a fellow cultivator of leadership in technology!

Today Zac and Errol hammer home our main ideas and reiterate what they have set as the bedrock of their development, exploring the intertwining areas of technology and leadership, how they come together, and how to rise to your position when the time comes to be a leader of tech!

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Episode 49 Outline:

02:38: Start of Interview

10:01: How was his team affected by his leadership performance during his formative years as a manager (Zac calls this period of time “The Lost Years”)?

12:01: What would he tell himself if he could go back to “The Lost Years” and tell himself something about the challenges he was facing then?

16:28: Errol asks Zac and Marcus what to tell anyone going through what they went through during their “Lost Years” what changes they made that actually made a difference. Marcus discusses his journey through self-help books such as “1-Minute Manager” that led to him discovering his favorite leadership theory that fit him, The Leader Member Exchange Theory (LMX).

21:03: Marcus talks about how he was preconditioned to think he was only good at certain things, and talks about the idea of a ‘natural leader’.

24:55: Zac’s leadership journey started when he started being vulnerable enough to assess what was going on, what changes he needed to make. They discuss the idea of vulnerability in tech and how leaders pretend to know everything but to be a great leader you need to be able to admit when you don’t know something.  “I don’t know” to a lot of people means you aren’t intelligent, but we all know that isn’t the truth. You need to be able to turn to your team when you don’t know something.

33:09: Errol asks Marcus about Process, Pace, and Prioritization.

46:17: What you need to know about Marcus Blankenship and how he can get you better!

48:37: Marcus summarizes “Why Your Programmer Just Wants To Code”, his viral article that is about rising 'de-motivation' in the software engineering force.