Leadership In Tech Episode 50: The Score Takes Care Of Itself

We wanted to thank all of our listeners for sticking with us, and especially those who have been with us since the beginning. Today is our 50th episode, we are halfway to 100 and we hope that you all stick with us for the ride!  Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy what we have today for you.

For this special episode, Zac and Errol are reviewing a great book on leadership by a great leader, the famous NFL Coach Bill Walsh and his book “The Score Takes Care Of Itself”!

In “Leadership In Tech: The Score Takes Care Of Itself” Zac and Errol go through the book and discuss the main points that touch home for them, with Zac giving tech analogies the whole way!

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Episode 50 Outline:

02:42: Start of Main Segment

05:09: Big Tech are the companies that everyone loves to hate now, and how everyone's cutting their cable services.

09:39: Zac and Errol get back on track and begin discussing "The Score Will Take Care Of Itself" by Coach Bill Walsh.

16:55: Making decisions under pressure and how it relates to Demos in the tech world!

28:56: Reacting Thinking and Cognitive Tunneling under pressure, and how this applies to Demos.

35:15: Turn the 'unforeseeable' into the 'foreseeable'.