Leadership in Tech Episode 52: The Millennials Are Right… Now Get Over It And Lead!

Today, we find out that Errol Doebler is an advocate for Millennials workplace rights.  

In our 52nd episode, titled “The Millennials Are Right… Now Get Over It And Lead!” Zac and Errol discuss their definition of the term Millennials.

They discuss how Millennials are just like any other younger generation but with smartphones. Errol says it more refers to a phase in your life when you are beginning your career, not a generation specifically, and how their own pasts illustrate how the younger generation needs to not only be respected, but even listened to as well.

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Episode 52 Outline:

02:19: Start of main show, Errol and Zac discuss the topic for today, and the meaning of the term “Millennial”, what does it really mean?

07:52: Errol uses an example from his own life, a SEAL story from the 1990’s, to show how to deal with ‘Millennials’.

14:13: Zac tells a comparative story from his junior programmer days about interacting with the older, more experienced generation.

21:45: Errol comes to bat for ‘Millennials’ with a clear message to the older more experienced generation: It’s time to stop resting on your laurels and lead by example!

24:28: Zac plays devil’s advocate and explains the average leaders point of view, and his own experience with Millennials.  “It takes energy to meet energy” Zac says. Errol has a message for Leaders who have a problem with millennials and keeping up with them.

30:27: Respect goes both ways, and the older folks have to show the incoming generation respect and courtesy, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it right off the bat.

Errol Doebler