Leadership in Tech Episode 54: Season 2 Wrap-Up With A Takeaway

Today's episode is called “Season 2 Wrap Up with a Takeaway” and yes, this is our final episode of season 2, but don’t worry! We’ll be back.

Today Zac and Errol will review the more major points from the last season, psychological safe zone and accountability.  They also discuss what to expect with Season 3.

Join us as we explore the themes from our second season, talk Wim Hof, and wonder why tech companies think software that tracks your progress is the same thing as having a planning process.

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Episode 54 Outline:

02:57: Errol and Zac start off discussing Errol’s Wim Hof method training and how Errol met Wim Hof himself recently.

07:18: Our hosts start the main part of the episode by discussing what the next season is going to be like, before diving into how Errol has noticed that tech companies often rely on a program to keep track of their tasks but don’t have an actual planning process.

18:47: Prioritization, and planning for what you know is going to happen even if it’s bad.  Accountability is #1, and the theme for next season. The leader needs to hold employees accountable, however necessary.

22:40: Psychological Safe Zone, a critical element of team building.The guidelines you enforce, and the culture you promulgate are set by example from the leader. Studies show that people are happier when they’re being heard (even if they’re resisting speaking their own truth or input), and you should make sure everyone is heard in the meetings, that everyone is a part of that culture.

29:43: All of the team building and leadership tenants fall on each other. Who wants to talk and who doesn’t?

33:38: Tying everything into culture. What is your personal culture? Your family culture?

36:40: How to form those proper habits for meetings and establishing a Psychological Safe Zone. Remember to give and receive feedback.

42:12: Collective Intelligence, a conclusion from one of the studies referenced.

Errol Doebler