Leadership In Tech Episode 55: Welcome Back To Season 3!

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our 3rd season of the Leadership in Tech Podcast Series, brought to you by The Tech OnRamp! We’re very excited to be kicking off our new season finally, and Zac and Errol were eager to start recording and getting down to the topics for season 3!

In the season opener, our hosts discuss what the meaning of accountability is, and how leaders should utilize it. They get down to the main theme of the season as well, the ‘accountability funnel’, and go through all the main parts to it (Yourself, Culture, Guidelines for Behavior, and a Process of Planning and Executing).

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Episode #55 Outline:

2:50: Errol kicks off by talking about Season 3 and what he wants to cover. He asks Zac What do you think of when you think of accountability?  Errol also talks about what the word means to him, and makes sure everyone is on the same page in terms of what the word connotes.

11:20: Errol lays out what the Accountability Funnel is for Zac.  He also gives a great quote here that he calls ‘the answer to the test’, “You Can’t Hold Someone Accountable If They Don’t Know What They’re Supposed To Be Accountable To.”

13:40: Errol breaks down the Accountability Funnel into specific parts: Yourself, Culture, Guidelines for Behaviors, and a Process of Planning and Executing.

15:50: Zac brings up his almost decade-long struggle to hold people accountable.

17:00: The big question ultimately is what happens if people still dont listen? The difference between accountability and consequences.

21:20: Outro.