Leadership in Tech Episode 57: Below Zero: Leadership Training with The Wim Hof Method

In today’s episode the guys dive back into The Wim Hof Method, and how applicable it can be to leadership or life in general. They also discuss some examples of not having a way to deal with emotions or “fires” as Errol puts it.

Zac also explores his fear of the cold water, and talks about his recent attempts at starting some Cold Exposure training.

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02:40: Main Content Begins.

Zac and Errol kick off the episode right away with The Wim Hof Method, and how it can be applied to real life or to leadership development.  

They also discuss the concept of how bad leadership or management can lead to “fires”, and then instead of doing things properly you spend your time and efforts “putting out fires” and going from one “fire” to the next.

18:05:  Errol discusses an example of having to deal with extreme emotions intuitively without any tools to process them such as the Wim Hof Method. He talks about how sometimes we react improperly, like micromanaging to deal with insecurity.

25:57: Zac gives his answer for why he thinks the Wim Hof Method helps one to deal with emotions and properly processing them, and Errol reveals the actual reason why.

29:52: Errol asks Zac to describe what he feels in regards to the cold exposure.

32:23:  Why do people people die in cold water?

Use these cold exposure methods to make sure you can make decisions in the moment, the best you can with everything every day.

34:58: When will Zac say he started Cold Exposure?