Leadership In Tech Episode 69: Interview With Joel Beasley

Today the guys have Joel Beasley from Modern CTO and LeaderBits on. Joel is the author and host of the book/show Modern CTO, and founder of LeaderBits.io as well as Pick My Brain. They get into many leadership topics with Joel, from his start to his company to his thoughts on Elon Musk, the guys have an exciting interview with one of the best leadership minds in the tech industry.

Find out more about Joel and his company at Modern CTO and LeaderBits, or buy his book Modern CTO at Amazon.com

Modern CTO by Joel Beasley

Modern CTO by Joel Beasley

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Episode #69 Outline:

(runtime 01 hour 07 minutes 31 seconds)

00:05:39: Start of main episode. They start with a discussion on the Wim Hof method, and Errol tells a story about using the Wim Hof training to regain self-control during a panic attack.  They lead into Joel and his book, his experience as a CTO, and what they’re going to be discussing in the interview. Joel starts on his background and he got to where he is now, from his beginnings to his blog, his book, and his podcast.

00:15:56: Errol asks Joel what the leadership challenges he faced were during his research and from his level of the tech and CTO world. What are the challenges of the CTO’s moving from the expertise of the technical side to the new expertise they need for leadership?

00:26:41: They ask Joel to tell his personal story about weight loss, taking control of his life, and becoming a leader.  They talk about monkey see monkey do, how humans imitate and how it can be used effectively, and how if you’re asked to do something new you should figure out how to do it, or make a product for it.

00:34:47: Errol brings up accountability, and asks Joel what is his philosophy on accountability. How does he handle it, how does he help leaders develop it?

How does leadership bits help a junior programmer, or someone who just needs to lead themself. What are the companies actively doing to facilitate a leadership pipeline for everyone or anyone in the company?

00:45:45: Joel gets into what really frustrates him with CTO’s and not taking responsibility for the lack of leadership development by shifting blame to other departments like human resources.  They talk about how often companies update their leadership development program and how often they should be. They discuss potential problems with increased repetitiveness of the same message to those your leading or teaching to lead.

00:52:46: One of Joel's goals for his podcast is to have Elon Musk on by 2020, and the guys discuss Elon Musk and his leadership brand.

01:01:00: Joel gives a summary of what he’s currently into and his plugs.