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Leadership In Tech Episode 63: The Best of Season 2

In this week’s episode, our producer Paul Maslany takes us through highlights from episodes from season 2 that he selected personally. Listen in as he narrates each episode’s clips with a behind-the-scenes take on what was going on with each episode, and what made them stand out when he selected them.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 36: Civil - Decentralized Journalism

In our tenth episode of season 2, Zac and Errol are excited to share their conversation with Matthew Iles, CEO and Founder of Civil. Matthew and his team at Civil believe decentralization is the key to a free and independent press. And they are using blockchain technology to achieve it. Civil believes the certainty and transparency of blockchain technology can offer a radical new way forward for the journalism industry with open governance and cryptoeconomics. Our discussion today showcases a new way that we view and consume media, and focuses on the erosion of leadership in journalism, and what technologies can provide a better model. It's hard to find a more relevant topic in today's world. 

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