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Leadership In Tech Episode 63: The Best of Season 2

In this week’s episode, our producer Paul Maslany takes us through highlights from episodes from season 2 that he selected personally. Listen in as he narrates each episode’s clips with a behind-the-scenes take on what was going on with each episode, and what made them stand out when he selected them.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 28: Interview with David Amerland

In Episode 28, our second episode of Season 2, Zac and Errol are joined by special returning guest, renowned author, analyst, and speaker David Amerland. David is the author of soon-to-be released book The Sniper Mind: Eliminate Fear, Deal with Uncertainty, and Make Better Decisions. Zac, Errol, and David also dive in to the recent controversy surrounding The Google Memo and the impact on leadership in technology.

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