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Leadership In Tech Episode 66: Wrapping Up Culture

Today Zac and Errol finish the book, or section, on Culture. Culture is only the 2nd part of the Accountability Funnel. They discuss ways that culture affects the workplace and productivity and health of a company, and how personal cultures and workplace cultures intersect. Tune in to hear them go through what content has been covered in the last few episodes related to culture, and tee off what comes next.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 63: The Best of Season 2

In this week’s episode, our producer Paul Maslany takes us through highlights from episodes from season 2 that he selected personally. Listen in as he narrates each episode’s clips with a behind-the-scenes take on what was going on with each episode, and what made them stand out when he selected them.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 62: Are You A Good 'Culture Fit'?

The guys discuss a topic they saw in an article online on Medium about employers using the term Culture Fit as a codeword for sexism, or basically any non-legitimate reason to not hire someone. Hear how it relates to their own experience with workplace culture and hiring practices from Zac’s tech experience to Errol’s description of SEAL culture.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 59: What's Your Culture?

What is your culture? How does your personal culture affect others? How often are they forced into your culture? Do you transfer your personal culture to work? You’d be surprised at the answers to these, and more.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 50: The Score Takes Care Of Itself

We wanted to thank all of our listeners for sticking with us, and especially those who have been with us since the beginning. Today is our 50th episode, we are halfway to 100 and we hope that you all stick with us for the ride!  Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy what we have today for you.

For this special episode, Zac and Errol are reviewing a great book on leadership by a great leader, the famous NFL Coach Bill Walsh and his book “The Score Takes Care Of Itself”!

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Leadership in Tech Episode 47: The War Of Art, Part 1

Today, Zac and Errol will begin discussing the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  They dive into it in detail, discussing his ideas of resistance and how they affect not only individuals, even themselves, but teams in tech and everywhere else as well. By being prepared with a contingency plan to start as we’ve covered previously, you can learn how to avoid resistance and accomplish the best possible results.

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