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Leadership In Tech Episode 63: The Best of Season 2

In this week’s episode, our producer Paul Maslany takes us through highlights from episodes from season 2 that he selected personally. Listen in as he narrates each episode’s clips with a behind-the-scenes take on what was going on with each episode, and what made them stand out when he selected them.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 59: What's Your Culture?

What is your culture? How does your personal culture affect others? How often are they forced into your culture? Do you transfer your personal culture to work? You’d be surprised at the answers to these, and more.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 58: Harnessing Your Intuition

Today the guys discuss intuition and being a good example as leader. They touch on acting on impulses, and off of emotions. How can we use our emotions, and intuition, and turn them into a process that will be effective regularly? Is there a way you could have done better? Ask yourself that every day, and make sure that as leader your behavior exemplifies the behavior you want in your employees!

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