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Leadership in Tech Episode 34: Interview with Jessica Sears

In Episode 34, Zac and Errol are joined by special guest, CEO and Founder of Bold, LLC, Jessica Sears. Jessica, a driven and charismatic entrepreneur, is an executive career coach and speaker, who has made it her mission inspire massive action to help people improve their lives, reach for their dreams, and achieve a healthy balance. Jessica is also an accomplished Account Executive at The Select Group, a technical services firm, and can lend tremendous expertise into the current state of tech. Listen in this week as Jessica, Zac, and Errol dive into tech trends and lifestyle choices!

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Leadership in Tech Episode 32: Even Tiger Woods Has a Coach!

In our sixth episode of Season 2, Errol and Zac review Zac's progress in 1 on 1 leadership coaching with Errol. Zac explains some of his hesitations early on in the process, especially showing the vulnerability to submit to the coaching process. In the end, Zac came to the understanding that the changes he needed to make to become a better leader were small, but the result of making those changes had a huge impact on himself and his business.

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