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Leadership In Tech Episode 69: Interview With Joel Beasley

Today the guys have Joel Beasley from Modern CTO and LeaderBits on. Joel is the author and host of the book/show Modern CTO, and founder of as well as Pick My Brain. They get into many leadership topics with Joel, from his start to his company to his thoughts on Elon Musk, the guys have an exciting interview with one of the best leadership minds in the tech industry.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 64: Comparing Cultures, Pt. 1

In today’s episode Zac and Errol compare the cultures of the FBI and the Navy SEALs, concentrating more on the FBI and different problems he encountered in that culture. This is part one of a 2 part series comparing the cultures, with part 2 concentrating on the positive aspects of the FBI culture.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 62: Are You A Good 'Culture Fit'?

The guys discuss a topic they saw in an article online on Medium about employers using the term Culture Fit as a codeword for sexism, or basically any non-legitimate reason to not hire someone. Hear how it relates to their own experience with workplace culture and hiring practices from Zac’s tech experience to Errol’s description of SEAL culture.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 56: The Accountability Funnel, Part I

In the 56th episode of the series, the 2nd episode from season 3, the guys talk about some of the main topics for this season. They start off with the accountability funnel, and how leaders should handle accountability. They explore what the definition of it is, and what it means to different people.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 49: Process, Pace, and Prioritization: An Interview with Marcus Blankenship

This week we interview another like mind: Marcus Blankenship! A self described ‘Technical Leadership Consultant and Trainer’ who is a fellow cultivator of leadership in technology!

Today Zac and Errol hammer home our main ideas and reiterate what they have set as the bedrock of their development, exploring the intertwining areas of technology and leadership, how they come together, and how to rise to your position when the time comes to be a leader of tech!

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