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Leadership in Tech Episode 57: Below Zero: Leadership Training with The Wim Hof Method

In today’s episode the guys dive back into The Wim Hof Method, and how applicable it can be to leadership or life in general. They also discuss some examples of not having a way to deal with emotions or “fires” as Errol puts it.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 38: Interview with Brandon Powell

In our ninth episode of Season 2, Zac and Errol are thrilled to go off script and speak with Brandon Powell, an interesting and inspiring individual. Brandon is the owner of Dojo Body and Mind, based out of Charlotte, NC. He is a martial arts aficionado, specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, boxing, Kung Fu, Sanshou, and stick and knife fighting. Most notably, Brandon is a 1st generation internationally certified Wim Hof Method instructor. Brandon considers The Wim Hof Method a human technology, and the ultimate health and wellness self defense to maintain strength and vitality. Listen in as Brandon shares his perspectives and experiences working with all types, from the investment banker, to the housewife, to the coder or programmer and everything in between! 

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