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Leadership in Tech Episode 23: Providing Proper Guidelines and Enforcing Accountability

This week Errol and Zac pickup where they left off with Zac's one on one leadership training. Together, they reviewed the results of Zac's 360 assessment, and determined Zac needs improvement in providing guidelines and accountability for his team. Listen in as Errol gives some great tips on how to improve in these areas without seeming overbearing or militaristic. 

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Leadership in Tech Episode 19: 1 On 1 With the Boss

This week, Zac demonstrates courage, humility, and discipline by submitting himself to 1 on 1 leadership training with Errol.  Episode 19 marks the first installment in this process, which will be profiled during podcast episodes over the next several months. Witness, first hand, as Zac and Errol embark on the process of growth and self improvement.

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