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Leadership In Tech Episode 66: Wrapping Up Culture

Today Zac and Errol finish the book, or section, on Culture. Culture is only the 2nd part of the Accountability Funnel. They discuss ways that culture affects the workplace and productivity and health of a company, and how personal cultures and workplace cultures intersect. Tune in to hear them go through what content has been covered in the last few episodes related to culture, and tee off what comes next.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 65: Comparing Cultures, Pt. 2

Our last episode before Thanksgiving, “Comparing Cultures, Pt. 2”, Errol talks more about his time in the FBI. From discussions on the culture, and not the people, being a cause of some of the issues, to more stories about different leaders and ways of handling yourself in the FBI’s culture of ‘no’.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 55: Welcome Back To Season 3!

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our 3rd season of the Leadership in Tech Podcast Series, brought to you by The Tech OnRamp! We’re very excited to be kicking off our new season finally, and Zac and Errol were eager to start recording and getting down to the topics for season 3!

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Leadership In Tech Episode 50: The Score Takes Care Of Itself

We wanted to thank all of our listeners for sticking with us, and especially those who have been with us since the beginning. Today is our 50th episode, we are halfway to 100 and we hope that you all stick with us for the ride!  Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy what we have today for you.

For this special episode, Zac and Errol are reviewing a great book on leadership by a great leader, the famous NFL Coach Bill Walsh and his book “The Score Takes Care Of Itself”!

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Leadership in Tech Episode 41: Interview With Andy Davis

In our 41st episode, season 2, we interview Andy Davis from across the pond. Andy is from London, England, and is the head of marketing at Venturi Group. He also hosts their podcast, Venturi's Voice.  Andy also has a history working with startups, and its through that experience he was able to find his success at Venturi Group and launch their new podcast.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 40: Leading, Coding, and Meditating: Interview With Morgan Dix

Welcome back to Leadership in Tech, and Happy New Years! We hope our listeners had a great New Year’s and New Years Eve. In our first episode of 2018, we have on special guest Morgan Dix, a meditation coach, cofounder of and the host of the OneMind Meditation Podcast.

Morgan, Zac, and Errol bring in the new year by discussing meditation, and how it can benefit leaders, tech workers, and everyone else as well.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 23: Providing Proper Guidelines and Enforcing Accountability

This week Errol and Zac pickup where they left off with Zac's one on one leadership training. Together, they reviewed the results of Zac's 360 assessment, and determined Zac needs improvement in providing guidelines and accountability for his team. Listen in as Errol gives some great tips on how to improve in these areas without seeming overbearing or militaristic. 

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