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Leadership in Tech Episode 32: Even Tiger Woods Has a Coach!

In our sixth episode of Season 2, Errol and Zac review Zac's progress in 1 on 1 leadership coaching with Errol. Zac explains some of his hesitations early on in the process, especially showing the vulnerability to submit to the coaching process. In the end, Zac came to the understanding that the changes he needed to make to become a better leader were small, but the result of making those changes had a huge impact on himself and his business.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 25: I Love It!

Zac's leadership development plan is laid out this week, and his co-host and leadership coach Errol has no issue stating that he loves it! Zac goes over what his most important principles are, and what qualities he needs to try to improve upon daily.  As he lays out his 'Action Plan' he explains the origins of his ideas, as well as expounds on how the findings of his research helped him develop these ideas while Erroll comments on his part in developing the plan, and periodically questions Zac or reminds him of something. They're life experiences make for a good background discussion in relation to his new 'Action Plan'.  

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