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Leadership In Tech Episode 65: Comparing Cultures, Pt. 2

Our last episode before Thanksgiving, “Comparing Cultures, Pt. 2”, Errol talks more about his time in the FBI. From discussions on the culture, and not the people, being a cause of some of the issues, to more stories about different leaders and ways of handling yourself in the FBI’s culture of ‘no’.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 41: Interview With Andy Davis

In our 41st episode, season 2, we interview Andy Davis from across the pond. Andy is from London, England, and is the head of marketing at Venturi Group. He also hosts their podcast, Venturi's Voice.  Andy also has a history working with startups, and its through that experience he was able to find his success at Venturi Group and launch their new podcast.

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Leadership In Tech Episode 40: Leading, Coding, and Meditating: Interview With Morgan Dix

Welcome back to Leadership in Tech, and Happy New Years! We hope our listeners had a great New Year’s and New Years Eve. In our first episode of 2018, we have on special guest Morgan Dix, a meditation coach, cofounder of and the host of the OneMind Meditation Podcast.

Morgan, Zac, and Errol bring in the new year by discussing meditation, and how it can benefit leaders, tech workers, and everyone else as well.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 26: The Daily Question

In this week's episode Errol and Zac discuss the idea of the daily question, or questions, to be more accurate.  Whatever you care about, whatever you want to improve, or whatever you want to know if you even need to improve, should all turn into your daily questions. They are the way you can make sure you are consciously trying to do something or improve something on a regular basis, and to keep track of your success while doing it. 

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