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Leadership in Tech Episode 18: Will AI Take Over the World? (feat. Ray Plante)

Ray Plante, a Platform Architect at NaraLogics joins us this week to discuss Artificial Intelligence. Will AI take over the world? According to Ray, that depends on the us. Leadership will drive the success and ultimate risks associated with AI: it's up to business leaders and teams within organizations to make decisions about what to implement, and to be wise about what types of problems we solve with AI.

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Leadership in Tech Episode 14: SMACC: Situation - Mission - Action - Command - Control

This week Errol and Zac identify the SMACC Process, a crucial decision making process that can be applied to business, technology, or any aspect of life. SMACC: Situation - Mission - Action - Command - and Control is a cognitive process used to guide decision making. SMACC helps to define and clarify issues, and determine what, if any, actions are necessary.

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